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Each text sent to the Editorial Office should be in accordance with current technical requirements.After the article is received, it is checked whether it meets all the technical standards and whether its content suits profile of the journal. Later, the article, according to its subject, is classified to the relevant section (subdiscipline of "Athenaeum") and is sent to one of editors who is responsible for that section and specializes in that certain subject. He makes the first appraisal of the text, and next passes it to reviewer. In case of appraisal of the articles quality the editor may consult other editors responsible for certain section. In justifiable cases each member of the Editorial Body may be asked to express her/his opinion. Each article is reviewed anonymously by tenured professor, who is an expert in that specific field. Positive review decides on qualifying the text for further processing. If the article is approved by the reviewer and relevant editors, it has to be accepted by the whole Editorial Body, which makes the final decision on publication of the article. Order and hierarchy of publishing of articles are not accidental, but are consequences of the arrangement of each issue, which contains certain thematic sections, build in accordance to subdisciplines of "Athenaeum". It means that the article is published in certain issue only due to its high quality and compliance with other texts. All materials published in English edition of "Athenaeum" are being meticulously checked by native speakers.

Texts that do not meet these standards will not be printed. Materials which were not ordered will not be sent back by the Editorial Office. In order to get authors copy you are required to provide your current address for correspondence in the application. Editors reserve the right to edit texts that do not meet the above requirements and to correct, during the process of proofreading, obvious errors and mistakes (especially language ones).

The Journal undergoes ghostwriting and has a guest authorship policy in accordance with Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education's recommendations.

The Authors ought to use APA Style.
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